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Manuscript Review, Critique, Editing, and Ghostwriting

Comments from Clients:

"I've been reviewed positively many times, and no one has comprehended my novel with the insight of Sheila M. Trask.... She got it. I am truly moved and grateful."

“Amazing work. Took the time
to really put herself into the author's shoes and add and remove from the story.
Editing was spot on; extremely pleased with her work!”

“Really great feedback!
Went beyond critiquing this story. Gave insights into potential sequels and gave a great idea for an epilogue that I plan to use.”

“Sheila Trask did an excellent job providing a critique and detailed feedback on my young adult novel. She also helped me develop marketing materials for it so that I can better approach publishers. She is highly experienced and professional. I would definitely recommend her.”

What's Your Story?

  • Have a great idea for a book? As a ghostwriter, I can help you get your words, and your voice, onto the page.
  • Got a first draft? As a critic and coach, I offer detailed suggestions to make sure your work resonates with your audience.
  • Ready with a final draft? As a certified copyeditor, I put the polish on the final piece.
  • Feeling shy about self-promotion? Book jacket copy and author bios can be daunting. I can help with both.

Hundreds of books have come across my desk for review, revision, editing, or ghostwriting. I know what works and what doesn't work in today's rapidly changing publishing world.

In my work at Publishers Weekly, BookPage, Kirkus Reviews, Book in a Box, Kirkus Editorial, Dartmouth Journal Services, and directly with authors, I have seen how much difference editorial feedback can make. It can make or break your book, no matter how beautiful your story or important your message.

Just getting started, or ready to roll out the finished product?
I offer several types of service, depending on your needs:



Developmental Editing

Manuscript Critique & Evaluation
Copyediting & Proofreading
Promotional Copy
Author Biographies